Rainie Yang Leads the Parade of TW-stars Paying Visit to Alien Huang’s Memorial on the First Day of Service

I can’t fault the hordes of media stationed outside the memorial location for deceased singer-actor Alien Huang (Xiao Gui), it’s the biggest entertainment news on the island and remains such a shocker. Alien was confirmed to have passed from a massive heartache brought on by aortic dissection, when there is a fatal tear in his heart aorta. He was friends with basically everyone in TW-ent from the veterans to the newbies so many many people paid a visit on the first day of his memorial service. I expect those not here to come in the coming days. Going in solemn and coming out teary eyed was everyone present including ex-girlfriend and still bestie Rainie Yang, also high school classmate Tiffany Ann Hsu, Janine Chang, married couple Xiu Jie Ke and Alyssia Chia, Kid, Ming Dao, Tony Yang, Blackie and his wife, Gui Gui (Wu Ying Jie), married couple Kun Da and Alice Ke, and even disgraced star Show Luo showed up after hours when the media was gone so as to not cause a distraction. I expect even more stars to arrive in the coming days including Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo (who already sent a giant flower arrangement), Joe Cheng, Bolin Chen, Gwei Lun Mei and more are all friends and/or worked with Xiao Gui in his nearly 20 years in the industry.

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Spate of High Profile Star Couple Breakups Hit the Chinese Entertainment Industry

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Acclaimed C-actor Chen Jian Bin Nets Triple Win at Star-studded 2014 Golden Horse Awards

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Song Hye Kyo and Chen Qiao En Lead the Sprawling Cast for C-movie The Queens

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Lady and Liar with Tang Yan and Hawick Lau Release Gorgeous and Addicting 19-minute Long Preview

Woah momma does this look potentially fantastic. I’ve been all over the production of C-drama Lady and Liar since the very beginning primarily due to the story line being lifted from a classic shoujo manga Hakushaku Reijou (伯爵令嬢 or The … Continue reading