Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na Cast in Why Secretary Kim PD’s Rom-com Drama Touch Your Heart

The broader consensus on K-drama Goblin was that the second lead couple was way more romantically gripping than the first leads as a couple, and now the second leads are coming back elevated to headline their own K-drama. Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook have been offered the leads and are as much confirmed per media reports for upcoming rom-com Touch Your Heart adapted from a webtoon and from the PD of Why Secretary Kim. Earlier it was reported that Jung Kyung Ho was considering the male lead and I was on board with that but am all over the male lead switch to Lee Dong Wook solely for it reuniting him with Yoo In Na. She plays a top actress dealing with a scandal who goes undercover as a secretary for a top lawyer played by Lee Dong Wook. I’m thrilled its taken less than two years to get these two reunited onscreen and look forward to their second go-around, or fourth if you bake in their three reincarnations in Goblin. Continue reading