New tvN Wed-Thurs Drama Touch Your Heart Premieres to 4% Ratings Range with Old School Feel

I find myself curiously untouched in the heart by new tvN Wed-Thurs drama Touch Your Heart, when I watched the first two episodes it was with a detached and dispassionate engagement despite really excited about it beforehand. The reunion of Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na from Goblin turns out to be just okay, a testament to how that drama wrote their characters and arc to be the selling point moreso their own charisma and chemistry. Here their characters are just stock rom-com cutouts so their chemistry feels like a half-risen souffle, still good but you’re rather deflated because you know it’ll be perfect if it rose all the way. The ratings are exactly half of its predecessor Encounter (Boyfriend) got, with episode 1 being 4.736% and episode 2 at 4.583%. I’m going to keep watching because it’s cute enough with all the stock K-drama rom-com tropes aplenty and a female lead who is just the right balance of sweet, ditzy, with a surprising depth underneath her glossy exterior. Continue reading