First Look at Joo Sang Wook and Kim Bora in Channel A Romance Drama Touch

I’m cautious about upcoming Channel A romance drama Touch, not cautiously optimistic but straight up wary about this drama due to the lead pairing. Forty-something Joo Sang Wook is playing the romantic male lead opposite 20 year old Kim Bora who looks her age and then some. She would be believable still playing a high school student and for sure is a college kid/intern type in her looks and vibe. The over 20-year old age difference is once again trotted out by K-ent as necessary for the story, this time a make up artist turned failed debtor crossing paths with the oldest trainee of an idol agency who still has not debuted yet. Not sure an idol based drama is a good idea right about now with unending misconduct from idols this year along with vote rigging in the most popular idol selection show of the last few years. Touch will have to tread lightly and sell a very charming and compelling story to bring me on. Continue reading

A Koala’s Guide to the Best Japanese Mangas

Mangas, or Japanese comic books, were my first source of entertainment. Before I watched my first TV show, I read my first manga. More than a quarter of a century’s worth of manga reading has made this medium my most … Continue reading