Jo Jung Seok and Han Ji Min Offered Lead Roles in Fall 2017 K-drama Two Cops

The drama production train continues despite the doom and gloom of ongoing ratings and advertising woes, which is good for us viewers so long as maintaining quality can still be sustained. The fresh casting news on the K-drama front this week has established drama and movie stars Han Ji Min and Jo Jung Seok in talks to partner up for the fall 2017 supernatural and police themed romance drama Two Cops. He’s up for the male lead, a righteous hard hitting cop who’s life is turned upside down when his body gets taken over by the soul of a shyster. Han Ji Min will be playing a reporter who chases down stories and has to deal with the souls sharing a body shtick, which sounds too much like the situation in her last drama Hyde, Jekyll, Me that I have to shake off the shivers and hope that this is nothing like that trainwreck. Neither the leads nor the network has been confirmed for Two Cops but I’lll keep my eye out and see what materializes in the next few weeks. Continue reading