Jo Jung Seok Confirms K-drama Two Cops and Idol Hyeri in Talks for Female Lead

This is a downgrade for me and I can’t believe I’m saying this because the original contender for the role isn’t my idea of a great thespian to begin with. First off with the good news, Jo Jung Seok has confirmed as the leading man for upcoming MBC drama Two Cops. Not so good news is that earlier in discussion female lead Han Ji Min has turned down the role due to scheduling conflicts and the production is now in talks with idol-actress Hyeri to headline opposite Jo Jung Seok. One decent drama performance in Answer Me 1988 did not transform Hyeri into a good actress as she really failed in the followup Entertainer. The drama will have Hyeri playing a dogged reporter while Jo Jung Seok is the titular Two Cops as he plays a earnest detective who gets soul possessed by a swindler and together the two spirits work together to solve crime. The drama is slated for a November premiere so maybe Hyeri will also turn it down, one can only hope. Continue reading