Jugglers Premieres to Lowest Ratings of the Mon-Tues Dramas with Two Cops Jumping into Lead

I haven’t seen such a dud filled Mon-Tues prime time K-drama trifecta in quite some time, which is perhaps a good thing as the year end busy season with work, family, and travel plans makes for less time to watch. Today saw the premiere of the last Mon-Tues drama of 2017 with KBS workplace series Jugglers, coming in with a time slot low of 5.6% AGB nationwide ratings. MBC‘s own new drama Two Cops was the ratings loser last week during its premiere but the network decided to double down and re-air both nights episodes over the weekend and as a result the drama jump to the time slot lead with ratings of 7.1% and 8.2% for Monday nearly doubling in ratings from last week. In the middle is SBS drama Doubtful Mystery taking in  6.9% and 7.6% in ratings, with a result of the mehness permeating from general audience disinterest in the fare reflected in lackluster ratings. Two Cops is mired in bad audience reviews for leading lady Hyeri’s acting, Doubtful Victory doesn’t have big name stars and also not a totally catchy premise, and now Jugglers is getting bad script and acting reviews for the overall product. Continue reading