Uncontrollably Fond Screenwriter Lee Kyung Hee Coming Back with K-drama Chocolate in January 2019

The return of screenwriter extraordinaire Lee Kyung Hee is schedule now, two years after her last drama Uncontrollably Fond. The queen of melo is coming back in January 2019 with the drama tentatively titled Chocolate surrounding the intersection of medicine and food. It’s the romance between a neurologist and a French trained pastry chef as they find a way to make meals for those who have their days numbered on earth. Oh man this sounds like a spigot fest, like my tear ducts are going to be out of control. Lee Kyung Hee’s dramas that I loved from first frame to last include Nice Guy and Let’s Go to School, Sang Doo, but I don’t think I have ever ever cried as much for a K-drama as I did for the last two episodes of her most recent work Uncontrollably Fond. Whatever flaws were in that drama, the last two episodes were beyond words amazing, and honestly a screenwriter who can still give me a gut punch is golden and I can’t wait to sample Chocolate. Continue reading

China’s Sohu Holds 2nd Golden Kimchee Awards with Moon Lovers and Uncontrollably Fond Picked as Worst K-dramas of 2016

China’s Sohu streaming portal, one of the largest and also the bidding winner in getting exclusive streaming rights to many of the high profile K-dramas of 2016, held a hilarious and pretty on point awards ceremony of its own this … Continue reading

K-media Discusses How Descendants of the Sun is the Only Ratings Success Pre-produced K-drama in 2016

K-media is taking stock of 2016 and the results are not exactly promising for the future of pre-producing K-dramas. What was once a rarity such as the mega budget Legend felt like a norm in 2016 with a slew of … Continue reading

Uncontrollably Fond Off to a Decent Start Leading the Wed-Thurs Ratings with 12.5% AGB Nationwide

Today saw the premiere of fully pre-produced KBS prime time melodrama Uncontrollably Fond by screenwriter Lee Kyung Hee, arriving on a hot July Wednesday while shelling freezing winter temperatures onscreen. I didn’t know for certain whether domestic Korean viewers had … Continue reading

Anticipation High After Long Drama Preview and Cute Cast at Uncontrollably Fond Press Conference

The cast of premiering KBS Wed-Thurs melodrama romance Uncontrollably Fond is certainly acting uncontrollably cute at the press conference to primp out the highly anticipated drama to fans. Kim Woo Bin definitely resembles a lumbering dinosaur type beast man but … Continue reading