Vagabond Producers Admit Drama Ending Planned in Advance for a Second Season, Which is Currently Not Confirmed

I hope my boy Lee Seung Gi had barrels of fun filming SBS drama Vagabond last year. Because that would have made it worth it that I sat through what amounts to 16 hours of narrative garbage with passable action scenes. I would exile this drama to the trash bin except Seung Gi and goodness he was all hot and angry here so that’s a visual I don’t want to throw away. But even wanting more of him isn’t enough to advocate for a second season which the producers have now admitted was planned all along. The drama was planned to have that exact shit ending to leave it opened ended for more baddies teased in the final episode for a second season. You know, that only works if the original drama was actually good and people was hooked enough to watch more. Thankfully the producers have not signed on anyone and claims it’s still in discussion, so I beseech the entire cast to run as fast as they can away from the production and never look back. Too bad the final scene wasn’t the entire cast on a plane that crashes mirroring the first episode. Continue reading