Suzy in Talks to Join Lee Seung Gi in K-drama Vagabond Setting Up Gu Family Book Reunion

No. Noooooooooo! I like Suzy and I love Lee Seung Gi but I have rarely disliked any of my baes smooshed together like I hated Suzy and Seung Gi in Gu Family Book. It was so much no bueno I still flash back to the particular feeling of agony realizing that drama was going to be crap very early on. It was brought on my Suzy’s worst acting role ever in her career which isn’t saying much to those who think she’s always a bad actress but there are still levels of bad and GFB was nuclear bad. Later on the drama writing also went to pot to no one’s surprise. To think that Suzy is now offered the female lead for upcoming K-drama Vagabond which has confirmed Lee Seung Gi has me shaking my head violently. They can never work together again, unless there is some Twilight Zone shit that happens where Vagabond miraculously works so well as to be the opposite of GFB. Yes, I’ll hope for that. Continue reading