Jolin Tsai Spotted Out in HK During Her Play Tour with On-Off Again Boyfriend Vivian Dawson

TW-superstar idol queen Jolin Tsai totally declared at the 2015 MAMA in Hong Kong that she still PWNS the Cpop music scene even after fifteen years and countless challengers. I’m thrilled for her, having come to appreciate her craft more recently rather than her early years trying to make her mark on idol-dom. After MAMA two weeks ago, she’s remained in Hong Kong for her leg of the Play Tour there, and was spotted out and about with her rumored boyfriend of six years Vivian Dawson.

An actor-model of mixed ethnicity, his father is a New Zealander and mother is a Chinese from Singapore, Vivian’s biggest breaks have come from being linked to Jolin, and being the replacement hapa in Tiny Times 3 to replace Rhydian Vaughn who left to do another movie, though the TW-media remains highly distrustful of him with the local golden girl ever since he’s been caught out with models and reportedly has a Tinder profile. All I know is Jolin seems to be the one in charge and if she’s still with him then whatever makes her happy. With her ex-boyfriend Jay Chou married to his own hapa younger sweetie Hannah Quinlivan, the TW-media remains on wedding and/or breakout watch with Jolin and Vivian. Currently it’s still on. Continue reading