Seo In Guk Leads Jellyfish Agency Music Stars in Cute Holiday Single “Jelly Christmas”


What an adorable fan service from an adorably named entertainment company. Jellyfish Entertainment‘s music project Jelly Box has released a new Christmas single featuring the collective talents of it’s young music stars. Titled “Jelly Christmas”, the song includes singer-actor Seo In Guk, boy group VIXX, and rookie girl group Gugudan. The single cover features a cheesy goldfish with the words Jelly Christmas on its back in various festive wrapping paper schemes. Seo In Guk has vaulted into my like very much category after his charming turn in rom-com Shopping King Louie, infusing a character with so many nuances and layers despite a rather one-note set up characterization. I can totally imagine him as Louie singing a Jelly Christmas ditty to his Bok Shil. Continue reading