J-ent Marries Off Two More as Popular Actresses Ueno Juri and Kitagawa Keiko Tie the Knot with Respective Musician Hubbies

Wow, it’s one after another in J-ent these days, and somewhere out there various fanboy groups are weeping salty tears. Last year there was the surprise marriage of Horikita Maki to much older actor Yamamoto Koji, and this year comes two more of her compatriots top dorama actresses tying the knot. First was Kitagawa Keiko walking down the aisle with her musician husband Daigo, with the massive wedding reception last month after officially registering their marriage in January.

This week came the shocking marriage of Ueno Juri with Wada Sho, one of the rockers in the trio band Triceratops. Both Keiko and Juri reportedly dated their hubbies since last year and went the route of getting married before revealing the news to the public. Keiko’s wedding reception was merely a formality and reported Juri will have one later as well. Congrats to all the happily married J-ent actresses who have churned out so many of my fave doramas from Nobuta wo Produce to Nodame Cantabile to Buzzer Beat. Continue reading