CTS to Air Waking Up Love to Make Sunday Night a Roy vs. Roy Showdown

Oh Hua Shi, you guys are just a bunch of asses. Just because you can’t win legitimately doesn’t mean you go crapping in TTV’s pond. CTS has been the bottom of the barrel on Sunday night ratings for quite some time, which totally is well deserved since its last three dramas were the painfully plodding Alice in Wonder City, the ridiculous and boring I Love You So Much, and the nonsensical but sweet Ring Ring Bell. Alice ended two weeks ago and the network aired an anime to plug the gap while scrambling to find the next drama. It just announced that it will be airing the long completed C-drama Waking Up Love, which just so coincidentally stars Roy Qiu, whose current drama Miss Rose will be its main competition. So CTS thinks Roy vs. Roy is its only hope? That’s just such a blatant way to capitalize on Roy’s popularity and try to steal TTV’s thunder. I do not approve of such shadiness.

As for the drama itself, I could not get past a few episodes of WUL, despite it being a remake of one of my guilty pleasures Prince Turned into Frog, because the dubbed voices almost destroyed my sanity. Especially the dubbed voice for leading lady Tang Yan, which I swear has to be the Chinese version of the same voice that does Brittany the Chipette. Plus dubbing Roy’s voice is a crime. The only silver lining is that CTS has revealed that it will be airing WUL undubbed, which means I’m going to be watching two TW-dramas on Sundays now. Sigh, what I do for my Roy. Check out the undubbed trailer below. The story is about a cold rich hotel president who gets amnesia and gets taken in by the family of a poor girl. They fall in love, and then he regains his memory and forgets about her. And then they have to fall in love all over again. It is indeed as stupid as it sounds, though when I watched Prince/Frog, Ming Dao and Chen Qiao En’s chemistry and cuteness together made it likeable. WUL? Despite my love for Roy, not so much. Continue reading