Thirty But Seventeen Drama Cast Attends Wrap Party After Time Slot Leading Run

This past Mon-Tues concluded the airing of SBS drama Thirty But Seventeen, one of the rare ones for me where I thoroughly enjoyed the drama despite having no inclination to watch because of the two leads. I’m still not sold on male lead Yang Se Jong overall but liked his role and performance for this drama, whereas Shin Hye Sun tipped into the love category for me after watching her shine in all facets of acting in her role. Their chemistry was sweet but nothing to write home about, with the emotional growth of the characters being the narrative hook that kept me watching along even if nothing major happened in terms of plot points. I found the supporting characters varying degrees of interesting with second male lead Ahn Hyo Seob the breakout of the main cast, and there was even a cute dog to boot. The network has a break next week before the arrival of airport drama Fox Star Bride (Where Stars Land) on October 1. Continue reading

I Need Romance 3 with Sung Joon and Kim So Yeon Release Stylish Posters and Teaser

I’ve been keeping tabs on the upcoming cable romance drama I Need Romance 3 in the corner of my eye. There is just too much going on these days to fully start anticipating the arrival of the third installment of … Continue reading