Hyeri Confirmed for Joseon K-movie Water Monster with Kim Myung Min in Talks as Male Lead

This sounds like a potentially fun new K-movie in the works, even if the casting keeps with the current trend of pairing together an established critically acclaimed veteran with a popular young thing still learning the acting ropes. Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri is making her big screen debut in a splashy way with the sageuk supernatural comedy movie Water Monster (Mulgae). It’s the story of a Joseon King dealing with a water monster in the palace and being forced to move the capital, and dealing with a shadowy faction seeking to undermine him. Kim Myung Min is in talks to play the King and I can’t imagine a more perfect casting of powerful royal authority and subtle comedic touches. So far only Hyeri is confirmed and it might not be a bad thing for her to work with a movie director and one of the best actors of the generation. Continue reading