Pretty First Promos for Bolin Chen and Song Ji Hyo in Season 2 of We Are In Love

The cross-border couples on previous iterations of variety show We Got Married and it’s Chinese counterpart We Are In Love have all been by and large successful despite of any language barriers or cultural differences. That means the pressure is on for TW-actor Bolin Chen and K-actress Song Ji Hyo as their embark on their made for television romance in the upcoming Season 2 of We Are In Love, alongside two other Chinese star couples. Bolin was filming in Korea a few weeks ago and the resulting street date stills had me seeing stars at the visual pretty of this unexpected pairing. Now the promos are here and the candy colored sweetness doesn’t dim the coolness factor at seeing Bolin give reality romance a whirl, not to mention Song Ji Hyo is a variety show veteran and will undoubtedly know what to do to keep audiences interested. Continue reading