C-netizens Detective Work Suggest Yang Mi is Dating Younger Star Wei Da Xun

If K-ent is having a crazy idol dating week last week, this week C-ent takes the reins with perpetual tabloid target C-actress Yang Mi being front and center for maybe having a new boyfriend. It’s a big deal since she’s divorced from ex-husband HK-actor Hawick Lau and has a 5-year old daughter than the paps are constantly insinuating she’s basically given up custody of. Whatever is the case is totally none of anyone’s business since Yang Mi is just an actress plying her craft but the mommy/wife shaming totally rubs me the wrong way. This week C-ent is covering the netizen unearthed report that Yang Mi is dating younger actor-singer Wei Da Xun after he was spotted at an art exhibition with a woman who resembles Yang Mi (in physique) and the two were reportedly wearing couple’s sneakers. I’m either too old for this shit or am truly done with rando netizens having any commentary on stars personal lives as long as it’s not misconduct. Just let Yang Mi date or not date whomever she wants, sheesh. Continue reading

Yoo In Na Gets Switched Out for Puff Guo in C-drama Sequel to Queen In Hyun’s Man Called Shuttle Love Millennium

The likely first confirmed casualty of the Chinese government unofficial crackdown on K-ent in terms of drama and star appearances is Yoo In Na. Except I don’t think she’s terribly hard pressed considering where she landed afterwards. Yoo In Na … Continue reading