Jung Kyung Ho Accepts Faustian Bargain in tvN Drama When the Devil Calls Your Name

This actually sounds super interesting and fresh for a K-drama at least. Jung Kyung Ho has a nose for picking interesting projects and his next will be the tvN drama When the Devil Calls Your Name. He plays a supremely successful music composer who has accomplished it all by selling his soul to the literal devil ten years prior. His contract end is coming up so he character tries to bargain his way to an extension, talk about digging oneself deeper into a hole. He needs to find three other people’s other soul-selling contracts and give it to the devil and in the process he discovers that his wealth and success was by stealing the talent and life of a young woman. He tries to restore her life and in the process learns about the meaning of humanity. The drama is from the PD of Circle: Reunited Worlds and the screenwriter of Please Come Back Ahjusshi. I look forward to this one very much so drama gods please give him a great leading lady, throw us a devilish veteran as the devil, and also much thanks for this latest Jung Kyung Ho pictorial in Grazia that makes me wonder how he doesn’t age a whit in the last decade. Continue reading