Suzy and Lee Jong Seok Attend While You Were Sleeping Drama Wrap Party and New Stills From Filming Released

I thought filming wrapped over a month ago for September SBS drama While You Were Sleeping but the wrap party was held this past weekend so maybe there was residual filming left for this fully pre-produced drama. I’m just glad filming really is done now that news is out of male lead Lee Jong Seok getting his military enlistment notice for August 12th, it’s not unheard of for an actor to drop out of concerts, movies, and dramas if they get an enlistment notice and can’t get a deferral but it would be a disaster if filming is almost done and Lee Jong Seok had to enlist, then the drama is stuck because it’s too late to replace him with another actor. Female lead Suzy sports short hair in the drama but in real life has been traipsing around with her usual long lustrous locks as seen in recent airport picture and at the wrap party. The production also shared the first sets of BTS pics of the leads filming and taking cute wrap pictures with the rest of the hardworking cast and crew. Continue reading

While You Were Sleeping Gets Big Name Guest Stars Kim So Hyun, Yoon Kyun Sang, and Lee Sung Kyung

Now that Reunited Worlds has premiered on the SBS Wed-Thurs time slot it means the pre-filmed While You Were Sleeping is on deck. The drama will take over from Reunited Worlds in early September and with it show whether screenwriter … Continue reading

While You Were Sleeping Tops C-netizens Rank of 10 Most Anticipated K-dramas of 2017

Many of the 2017 K-dramas were announced in late 2016, and a few even starting filming last year already. C-netizens are also taking stock of the offerings soon to come and there was a recent poll showing which K-dramas are … Continue reading