Suzy and Lee Jong Seok Spotted in Seoul Filming SBS Drama While You Were Sleeping

Filming has started on upcoming SBS summer drama While You Were Sleeping, pairing up popular K-drama leads Suzy and Lee Jong Seok in a drama written by screenwriter Park Hye Ryun of Pinocchio, I Hear Your Voice, and Dream High fame. The final product can either be an expected hit thanks to the star power and track record of the screenwriter, or unable to coalesce into a consistent quality product like Suzy’s last drama Uncontrollably Fond with Kim Woo Bin and the melo drama writer queen Lee Kyung Hee. My final verdict is fondness for UF thanks to the last two episodes that pulled it all together, but that’s still leaves me wishing that the entire drama could be that good. All I want is for While You Were Sleeping to captivate from the get go like Pinocchio did for me. Suzy’s got an unflattering short choppy do for her role as the girl who dreams future events, whereas Lee Jong Seok looks more chaebol heir than police detective in the first fan snapped pictures of the leads filming on the streets of Seoul. Continue reading

While You Were Sleeping Tops C-netizens Rank of 10 Most Anticipated K-dramas of 2017

Many of the 2017 K-dramas were announced in late 2016, and a few even starting filming last year already. C-netizens are also taking stock of the offerings soon to come and there was a recent poll showing which K-dramas are … Continue reading