Top Three Rated C-dramas in Recent Years are The Journey of Flower, Princess Agents, and Whirlwind Girl

While K-drama ratings have been down in the past five years consistently year after year, with 2012 in my mind as the last year ratings could get above 20% for more than just one or two prime time dramas a year, C-dramas haven’t yet reached its peak or decline, and in fact is still on the upward trajectory for its industry. A recent media coverage showed that the weekday drama ratings have seen quite a few hit dramas, and impressively the top two rated C-dramas both had the same leading lady, no wonder Zhao Li Ying is so insanely popular in China. The average rating for the number one rated C-drama in the last three years was The Journey of Flower¬†with an incredible 2.123%, followed by recently aired Princess Agents averaging 1.702%, and a close third and the first non-period drama is Whirlwind Girl with 1.680%. Just for comparison this year’s early hit Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms averaged 1.11% ratings which already made it successful, so Journey of Flower is really something to average over 2%. Continue reading