Rising Actor Bae In Hyuk Has Two Dramas Airing and Signs on as Second Male Lead Opposite Seo Hyun Jin and Hwang In Yeop in Why Oh Soo Jae

I have no problems with more young actor Bae In Hyuk, he’s absolutely stealing my hear in tvN drama My Roommate is a Gumiho despite his limited screen time and also regardless of how much I love the drama OTP. He’s grown in character and demonstrates great onscreen chemistry and a nuanced emotional output. He’s also on the small screen in another drama the KBS college friendship and romance series From a Distance, Green Spring, where he also plays the second male lead. He’s keeping to that casting level as today K-ent news confirmed that he will be joining the upcoming teacher-student romance drama Why Oh Soo Jae which has earlier cast Seo Hyun Jin and Hwang In Yeop. Bae In Hyuk will be playing a college law school student from a rich family who has a secret crush on the female lead. Swap the law school for history department and it’s the same character he’s playing in Gumiho lol. I don’t mind, he needs the continued experience and exposure so hopefully it’s a good role.

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K-ent Discusses Why So Many K-dramas Airing in the Second Half of 2021 are All Noona-Dongsaeng Romances

Yup, when you assemble it together like the Avengers its hard not to see the way wind trends are blowing for the second half of 2022. K-ent discussed that six big name female lead K-dramas scheduled for the second half … Continue reading