Park Seo Joon Tries to Figure Out Why Park Min Young Quits in Why Secretary Kim

We’re still two weeks out from the premiere of tvN rom-com Why Secretary Kim but the drama has maintained a steady pace in releasing promos. The second drama poster dropped with Park Seo Joon ripping up the resignation letter from his trusty Secretary Kim played by Park Min Young but she’s so prepared she has additional letters in hand. He’s also so incredibly narcissistic that he thinks long and hard and the only conclusion he can reach for why his secretary would quit is because she likes him and can’t deal with it, reaching that logical end because he saw tears in her eyes. Second male lead Lee Tae Hwan makes his first debut in the promos wearing a snazzy trench coat and being on the receiving end of Park Seo Joon’s fist threat. It’s clearly alpha male v. alpha male, and maybe Secretary Kim is right to get the hell outta there. Continue reading