K-drama Producers Prepping for Second Season of Winter Sonata with Same Screenwriters

I think this is a terrible idea unless it’s a reboot set in an alternative universe. K-drama gods have apparently decided to kick into gear the long percolating project for a second season of the mega hit 2002 drama Winter Sonata. Starring Bae Yong Joon, Choi Ji Woo, the late Park Yong Ha, and Park Sol Mi, the drama is a frozen (har har) in time vestige of a time long past and represents the pinnacle of how Hallyu entertainment conquered Asia in the early 2000s. Directing this time will be the PD of Blade Man, The Blade and Petal, and Man From the Equator, but with the original screenwriters being brought back to write it. I assume it will either pick up where the original ended with new leads and maybe cameos from the original leads, or be a story about their kids ala The Classic. Who knows but time to bring back the scarves and red hair look! Continue reading

Descendants of the Sun, Autumn in My Heart, and Winter Sonata Voted Most Popular KBS Dramas of All Time

I’m going to call Song Hye Kyo the Queen of KBS from now on, and it’s even more impressive that she’s achieved this level of one-two kill 16 years apart. KBS ran its own poll recently polling 1000 random viewers … Continue reading