Winter Sonata 2 Goes into Pre-Production with 2021 Release Date to Celebrate 20th Anniversary of Original

Call me sentimental but I’m actually looking forward to Winter Sonata 2 scheduled for next year in 2021. It’s being billed as a 20th anniversary homage to the Hallyu hit original which aired in 2001, and OMG I still remember my life in 2001 and goodness it’s been nearly 20 years. The drama is currently in pre-production so I’m guessing script and scouting work, no word yet on the cast. I think it could get big name cast members but only if the script and PD is good because who wants to deliver a lame remake and get raked through the coals. The original is officially dated but still watchable, and it’s a guilty pleasure of mine like sneaking Cheetos at midnight. I find people too harsh on WS, it was THE original Hallyu hit and its success actually created the Hallyu movement that also helped K-pop by expanding Korean culture. Winter Sonata walked so everyone else behind it could run, don’t knock the old dude.

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Descendants of the Sun, Autumn in My Heart, and Winter Sonata Voted Most Popular KBS Dramas of All Time

I’m going to call Song Hye Kyo the Queen of KBS from now on, and it’s even more impressive that she’s achieved this level of one-two kill 16 years apart. KBS ran its own poll recently polling 1000 random viewers … Continue reading