Witch’s Court Wraps Up with Highest Ratings of 14.3% While Both Two Cops and Doubtful Victory Drops Viewers

A sincere congrats to KBS Mon-Tues legal drama Witch’s Court, which wrapped up this Tuesday with the highest ratings yet for the show at 14.3% AGB nationwide. This was one drama that flew under the hype radar prior to its premiere but ended up the final victor in the end when it counts. Once I cleanse myself off the excess legal dramas or dramas with a strong legal/criminal element then Witch’s Court will definitely be one I want to marathon, especially since leads Yoon Hyun Min and Jung Ryeo Won feel fresh for me in that I haven’t watched them onscreen in quite some time. Up next for KBS in this time slot is office drama Jugglers with Baek Jin Hee and Daniel Choi as his first post military role. Right now Jugglers has anemic competition with both SBS and MBC’s new dramas failing on arrival – the Tuesday episodes of Two Cops dropped to 3.3% and 3.6% on the groundswell of poor acting feedback of leading lady Hyeri, while Doubtful Victory also fell but fared a bit better in comparison at 4.5% and 4.9%. Continue reading

Second Episode of Witch’s Court Catches Up to Ratings Leader SBS Drama Temperature of Love

There‚Äôs been interesting movement in the Mon-Tues time slot competition and in a way I didn’t expect. The second episode airing of KBS legal drama Witch’s Court garnered 9.5% AGB nationwide ratings, putting it basically neck-to-neck with ratings lead Temperature … Continue reading

Temperature of Love Lead Mon-Tues Ratings Over New Arrivals Witches Court and 20th Century Boy and Girl

Two new Mon-Tues dramas are here and neither appear to make a strong splash and definitely nowhere near contending with time slot leader Temperature of Love. Witches Court on KBS nearly doubled the ratings at 6.6% over MBC‘s 20th Century … Continue reading