Stars Attend the Seoul Premiere of Wolfboy with Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young

The cast of Wolfboy traveled from Busan, where they attended the film festival there last weekend, back to Seoul just in time to hold a star-studded movie premiere in the city. Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young were in attendance, as were many of their famous entertainer friends. With a hit drama in Nice Guy plus releasing a well-received movie in Wolfboy, Song Joong Ki is surely flying high right now and he totally deserves it. I’ve been watching him since he caught my eye in Triple, and since then he’s never let me down with a performance even if the project is overall lackluster. I admit that his co-star Yoo Ah In was more memorable in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, but since then Song Joong Ki has been hitting it out of the park more. The same can’t be said of some of his same-generational young leading men, some of whom reveal their limitations when they pick bad projects or bad roles, thereby diminishing my affection for them. I’m just thrilled Joong Ki has such a savvy eye for picking projects and I fervently hope he continues to challenge himself in both film and television. He and Park Bo Young continue to look beyond adorable together, though this time his NG co-star Moon Chae Won showed up to add a bit of leading lady jostling to the mix. Check out the who’s who below and be prepared to avert your eyes at some truly questionable attire. Continue reading