Newlywed Star Couple Won Bin and Lee Na Young are Expecting Their First Baby

Another congrats are in order for Won Bin and Lee Na Young. A mere two months after the A-list top star couple tied the knot in the Korean countryside in late May of this year, the newlyweds are just brimming with good news as they have just confirmed that they are expecting a baby. Whether it’s a honeymoon baby or Lee Na Young was already expecting when they got married, in this case it way doesn’t matter since we’re talking about an adult couple in their thirties and not some teenage parents-to-be at a shotgun wedding.

Of course that hasn’t stopped the netizens from their usual tsk tsk-ing about the couple maybe tying the knot after conceiving a bun in the oven, even though the better question for those disapproving school marms is what they thought these two did while living together for the last two years since they started dating. I’m thrilled they are expanding the family so soon since a baby is such a joy and way better to enjoy as soon as possible if the couple has the financial means and desire to take on the added responsibility. Congrats, and onwards towards baby bump watch! Continue reading

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