K-media Discusses Possible Drama and Movie Comebacks in 2015 for Popular K-actors

Now that the first batch of 2015 K-dramas have shaken out the ratings rankings and audience feedback – wins for Punch, Kill Me Heal Me, Shine or Go Crazy, losses for Hyde, Jekyll, Me, Blood – the media is looking ahead to the possible big name castings to come. One drama that just got a leading man is Yoochun for Sensory Couple so that’s one popular name certain to be returning to the small screen soon. Up next is Kim Woo Bin getting the offer for the Hong sisters upcoming island rom-com Jejudo Gatsby, an offer that I pray he accepts so that he can finally flex his drama leading man muscles. The media remains forever wondering if this is the year Won Bin acts again.

Kim Soo Hyun has already made it known that he plans to do a drama this year, and whether it ends up being the KBS Friday night drama Producer penned by his You From Another Star scribe remains to be seen. No matter what he picks he’ll have no shortage of offers. Eyes are also on Lee Jong Seok, who has done back-to-back-to-back dramas starting from I Hear Your Voice to Dr. Stranger to Pinocchio, all with good to great results. He’s a steady workaholic, plus SBS loves him, so the media is wondering if he’ll be on the SBS line up towards the end of the year. Finally there is much attention on the returning from the army Song Joong Ki, confirmed to have received the offers for Kim Eun Sook‘s upcoming Descendants of the Sun as well as the fantasy movie Fist Fighting. Continue reading

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