Top Star Won Bin Seriously Considers 40 Billion Won Big Budget Fantasy Romance Drama Immortal But Ultimately Turns it Down

Wow, this is like the most substantive news I’ve heard around Won Bin and any potential acting comeback project in 10 years. K-ent is reporting that Won Bin will not be making his return to the screen with the K-drama Immortal, a big budget 40 billion won affair that has all the hall marks of high profile even without his involvement. Won Bin reportedly seriously considered the offer, delved into the script about an immortal man who cannot die and the woman he lives who has been reincarnated countless times in 600 years and retains her memories. I mean, this is basically Goblin (awesome) and Born Again (awful) smushed together lol.

Thankfully the production team is top notch with the PD Jung second chair in Mr. Sunshine and directed Search: WWW and the screenwriter of the terrifying horror thriller The Guest. The team has resumed its search for a male lead and it’s definitely an A-lister considering Won Bin was up for it, and in terms of budget 40 billion won is insane just for comparison recent huge budget dramas include Mr. Sunshine was 40 billion won, The King: Eternal Monarch a little over 30 billion won, Arthdal Chronicles 54 billion won, and Vagabond 25 billion won.

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