Former C-drama Costars Wu Qian and Zhang Yu Jian Confirm Marriage After She’s Spotted Out with a Toddler Girl

Well, at least this scandal has a happy ending so to speak, I’m still traumatized by Zheng Shuang abandoning two babies in the US after asking if surrogates can still abort. Chinese stars Wu Qian (Janice Wu) and Zhang Yu Jian, who costarred as the OTP in romance C-drama Le Coup de Foudre (Love at First Sight) in 2018, are married in real life and the parents to a toddler girl! They apparently had great chemistry in the drama and Chinese gossip rags rumored that the two were actually a real life couple but both repeatedly denied it. This week Wu Qian was spotted out with her mom and a toddler girl in tow and rumors heated up that it was her child. Zhang Yu Jian stepped up and posted on his Weibo confirming that they were married and the child is theirs. His post was rather jerky, yelling at the invasion of privacy for photographing their child, how Wu Qian was upset, and demanding it not happen again. He also said he didn’t care that netizens were upset at him because he doesn’t know them. Dude, 100% of the annoyed commentary towards you is because you spent the last 3 years openly, repeatedly, giving interviews and going on programs stating that you were single, wanted to have a girlfriend, and hoped there was a woman out there for you. Like, Zhang Yu Jian didn’t just not tell his fans he was married and a dad (fine and understandable to keep silent on your personal life), he went out of his way to manufacture a bachelor lie and milk it for all it was worth on variety shows. D-ouche with a capital D for that. Otherwise, congrats to cutie Wu Qian on being a mom though honestly her taste in men is a little suss.

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