J-ent Dubs Beauty and the Beast as Top J-actress Aoi Yu Marries Comedian Yamasato Ryota After 2 Months Dating

As long as the couple is happy together is all I care about when I read about marriages. J-ent is abuzz today with the surprise announcement that top actress 33-year old Aoi Yu married 42-year old funnyman Yamasato Ryota, and after just 2 months dating as the pair met back in April of 2019. The newlyweds held a press conference and Yu explained that she loved how he made her laugh and he’s a very kind and considerate man, and also they two decided to date in April with the caveat of marriage on the table.

Yu met her hubby through his comedic group Nankai Candies mate Yamazaki Shizuo as the two ladies were friends since 2006 working on a movie together, and Shizuo popped up at the wedding press conference with red boxing gloves to talk some smack to Ryota for stealing her best friend. As much as Yu is the bigger star of the two, Ryota has been getting tons of press this year being one of the commentators on the popular show Terrace House. Congrats to the couple! Continue reading