Demon Slayer Anime Movie Becomes Japan’s #1 All Time Box Office Hit as Talk Goes to Live Action Adaptation with Casting News Spoilers

Over Christmas 2020 the anime movie Demon Slayer: Infinity Train (Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Train) surpassed Spirited Away to become the #1 box office hit in Japan. Along the way it passed Your Name and Titanic as well, and honestly even I am surprised despite being a Demon Slayer mega fan. Spirited Away is my favorite Miyazaki movie and honestly there is no way Demon Slayer the movie can be objectively better than a timeless masterpiece but I guess J-moviegoers really needed something to watch in theaters. I love the manga so so much though, on re-reads it continues to surprise with the details and depth in world building and I truly commend mangaka Koyoharu Gotōge for not dragging on his story and ending it in 23 volumes (hello One Piece).

Talk now goes to the live action remake, and while the production team of the manga has been coy claiming its not in the works a news paper article said that casting was already underway and tons of familiar names and faces are being assembled for what will likely be another box office hit. Male lead Kamado Tanjiro will be either It Boy Yamazaki Kento or critical darling Kamiki Ryuonosuke. Yes yes, Kento again, why him in every movie or dorama these days, but Tanjiro is actually the PERFECT role for him lol. Him as Arisu in hit Netflix adaptation of Alice in Borderland was actually not who I would have picked for that role, but his sweet earnestness is totally Tanjiro. Read on for the rest of the rumored roles.

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