Popular 80’s HK-actress Yammie Lam Passes Away Alone After Exile and Mistreatment From Industry

This is such a sad story and one I doubt would get any coverage in English-language publications and I feel compelled to give this lovely actress her due. Former HK-actress Yammie Lam (Lan Jie Ying in Mandarin) was found dead in her home on November 1, 2018 a full two days after she died, alone and without family or friends as she’s been living for the past two decades since being blacklisted from the HK-ent that initially lifted her to the top of stardom. In the 80’s she was one of TVB’s top female leads, working with the biggest names in the industry including Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Stephen Chow, and many others, with four dozen dramas and movies under her belt in the 15 years or so she was fully active.

She was reportedly blacklisted after she asked for contract termination and also started having health problems due to a car accident, but in recent years she gave a television interview claiming to have been attacked and raped by two of HK-ent’s “Big Brothers” (famous big wigs) in Singapore during a movie filming and has since then suffered PTSD and mental health issues stemming from the rape. In recent years she’s been photographed looking very old, haggard, unkempt, and reportedly living in poverty. Her passing may not be a surprise but I’m truly heartbroken for all she suffered regardless of the veracity of any or all of the reporting surrounding her life. May Yammie rest in peace, I remember her only fondly for some memorable roles and always looking incredibly beautiful during her heyday as one of HK-ent’s top beauties. Continue reading