China Remaking Classic K-drama Full House with Young Leads Dylan Wang and Yang Chaoyue

I’m going to preface, or remind if you read my blog from the early days, that I LOATH the K-drama Full House. I know it’s one of the hallmarks of Hallyu K-drama spread and cemented the popularity of leads Song Hye Kyo and Rain but holy illegal house selling schmolly do I hate it. I could not get over the incredible betrayal of her best friends selling HER HOUSE under her, like who the fuck does that eveeeeeeer and still doesn’t get punished by roasting in the fires of hell. Anyhoo, that and also Rain’s douchey looking (styled horribly) arrogant prick male lead was hard to love so FH was a hard pass for me after watching it all. But imma totally checking out the upcoming C-drama remake with young popular leads Dylan Wang (of Meteor Garden 2018 fame) and idol pop star Yang Chaoyue of Rocket Girls 101. Apparently the PD has gone on record as saying he will slice and dice the original to create something new. Oh whew, please include flaying her best friends alive before letting them crawl back to apologize for eternity. Continue reading