Immature Shin Hye Sun Contrasts with Prickly Oddball Yang Se Jong in Thirty But Seventeen Drama Stills

My memory of Shin Hye Sun has been stuck in those many years she played the annoying second female lead that I’m looking forward to her upcoming Thirty But Seventeen when she gets a chance to play the gamut of a leading lady who is 30 years old but has the spirit and memories of only being 17 years old. It’s also cool that Yang Se Jong‘s character in the drama is such a visual 180 from his clean cut chef boy next door turn in Temperature of Love, here he’s scraggly and unshaven, and hates being around people so much he’ll even wear a weird face cover on the plane to avoid social interactions. This drama sounds cute enough in concept, that she has to reboot her life after a 13 year hiatus on a coma and along the way reboot his after he took a spiral thinking he caused her death. These two have nowhere to go but up together. Continue reading

The 2018 54th Baeksang Arts Awards Rolls Out the Fashion Red Carpet for Top K-stars

The fashion do’s and don’ts remain my favorite past time for awards shows, mostly because I can’t bother to care about winners that sometimes feel arbitrary or tied to popularity. The 2018 54th Annual Baeksang Arts Awards took place Thursday … Continue reading

Temperature of Love Screenwriter Teases that Drama Ending Could be Different than Book in Who Female Leads Ends Up With

I’m ready to put K-drama screenwriter Ha Myung Hee on my shit list now, I’ve concurred with a lot of the criticism lobbed at her for her previous dramas Doctors, High Society and even her earliest works One Warm Word and … Continue reading

New Preview and Drama Stills for Temperature of Love with Seo Hyun Jin, Yang Se Jong, and Kim Jae Wook

Seeing Kim Jae Wook smile so adorably seals the deal for me, I’m watching upcoming SBS Mon-Tues drama Temperature of Love come hell or freezing over. I’m keeping my expectations measure for this drama in terms of ratings, romance dramas … Continue reading

Script Reading Stills for SBS Drama Temperature of Love with Seo Hyun Jin, Yang Se Jong, and Kim Jae Wook

It’s still hot out in the dog days of summer but I’m predicting simmering romance degrees to come in September when SBS airs the first romance drama of the fall with Temperature of Love, taking over from Falsify on Mon-Tues. … Continue reading