K-actor Yang Se Jong Serving in the Army with Commendation as Netizens Remark on the Abundant Military Provisions

I think this is a cute update on K-actor Yang Se Jong, who is midway through his military service having enlisted in May 2020. He’ll be out around March 2022 and in the meantime it appears he’s doing very well as a recruit. A new picture of him receiving an army commendation was shared online and got K-netizens to note how healthy and plumper he looks than his usual actor lean physique. The joke is that the army sure serves nutritious food in the mess hall. I think it’s great that he’s just being a normal soldier, eating to replenish his calories and then going out to do his job. Of course he’ll likely shed the extra few pounds once he’s back to his actor job which we all know requires incredible dieting determination to always look in top shape. The funnier thing for me is slightly rounder Yang Se Jong looks like a Go Kyung Pyo (face) doppleganger, amirite?

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Yang Se Jong, Seolhyun, and Woo Do Hwan are Fully in Character as Charismatic Leads of jTBC Sageuk Drama My Country

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Jang Hyuk Adds Veteran Gravitas to Sageuk Drama My Country with Young Leads Yang Se Jong, Seolhyun, and Woo Do Hwan

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