C-actress Dilraba Dilmurat Selected as Goddess for the 2018 Golden Eagle Awards

In a saga worthy of all its twists and turns, in popcorn popping good way, this week the official announcement by the organizers of the 12th annual Golden Eagle Awards confirmed that the coveted Golden Eagle Goddess landed in the lap of Dilraba Dilmurat. She will be the 7th C-actress to open the ceremony in a ridiculously golden-hued and sure to be over-the-top gown, with the first being Crystal Liu all the way through most recent goddess Tang Yan. The last few weeks were a flurry of spoilers and gossip for which trending young actress would land the goddess role – first there was Guan Xiao Tong‘s named bandied about, then Yang Zhi and her fan camp appeared to be making a huge push, then so-called insiders claimed Wan Qian was selected, and finally this week it appeared to be Angelababy after her name was spotted on the door of a solo changing room. All this was great publicity for the awards show and the selection of Dilraba makes history as the first ethnic minority actress chosen, plus she’s coming off hit dramas The King’s Woman and The Flame’s Daughter with the spin-off of Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms coming. Continue reading

Fierce Battle Between C-actresses Yang Zhi and Dilraba Dilmurat to be the 2018 Golden Eagle Goddess

The battle is fierce to be the 7th member of the exclusive Golden Eagle Goddess ranks, even if it means being decked out in enough gold, sparkles, and sequins to blind good taste. The biennial Golden Eagle Awards celebrates China’s … Continue reading

Stars Descend in Beautiful Fashion in Beijing for the 15th Annual Bazaar Charity Night

The Chinese-speaking glitterati was out in full force this weekend at the 15th annual Bazaar China charity event held in Beijing, with many reasons to check out ranging from couple sighting to once again C-stars showing that they do high … Continue reading

Fans Eagerly Anticipating Upcoming C-drama Adaptation of Fantasy Wuxia Zhu Xian with Li Yi Feng, Zhao Li Ying, and Yang Zhi

This is a sure fire mega C-drama hit in the making, considering how much Chinese audiences are slurping up fantasy wuxia dramas like Ancient Sword Legend and Journey of Flower. The casting of uber popular leads in Li Yi Feng, … Continue reading