tvN Supernatural Drama Hotel Del Luna Releases Teaser Poster and First Look at Leads IU and Yeo Jin Gu

I realize why actors and actresses continue to work for the wildly inconsistent Hong Sisters. It’s because viewers will always blame the Sisters for their writing when one of their dramas falls apart and even their failed works don’t stain the resume of any leads so it’s a good gamble to try on one of their creative projects for size. With so much dull story lines in the multitudes of K-dramas, at least the Hong Sisters swing for the fences when it comes to crafting an interesting story concept. Their upcoming Hotel Del Luna about a supernatural hotel with ghostly guests situated in modern day Seoul sounds super cool. The first preview was nicely atmospheric and now the teaser poster builds on that with a view of the hotel hidden in the moon over Seoul. The second teaser this weekend has the same opening as the first teaser but adds a sneak peak at leads Yeo Jin Gu and IU looking very charismatic indeed. Continue reading