More Pretty High School Stills of Yeo Jin Gu, Seolhyun, and Lee Jong Hyun in Orange Marmalade

Watching a talented child actor growing up nicely from age-appropriate roles is a treat for sure, but the real test comes with the first lead role that requires carrying the whole show and seamlessly tradition to being all grown up. Yeo Jin Gu is as ready as it gets with his upcoming KBS drama Orange Marmalade, after having done a few movies and even was the male lead in the Potato Star sitcom. Aside from wishing his other leads in the drama were equally as talented as he is already, I’m game to give idols Seolhyun and Lee Jong Hyun the benefit of the doubt here. Yeo Jin Gu could make them better, or their acting ability could be passable enough for the characters to not bog down the drama and allow the audience to just enjoy the story of a vampire girl’s romance with the cutest boy on campus. The story sounds interesting enough for me to check out regardless of who’s cast, and Yeo Jin Gu happens to be added lure. Continue reading

Cosmopolitan Korea Showcases Star Bachelors for Annual Letters From Angels Adoption Campaign

Leave it to Korea, the land that understands the magic mixture of K-drama appeal with the soulful male leads to rope in the female viewers, to deliver yet another great charity photo spread. The Letters From Angels photography campaign started … Continue reading

One Crazy Red Dress Snatches the Buzz at the Lackluster 51st Grand Bell Awards

The 51st Grand Bell Awards went off without a hitch last night in Seoul, though apparently there was major behind-the-scenes conflict between the past and present organizers. It was also quite a dud of an affair with the wins mostly … Continue reading

Sensible Film and Acting Nominees List Released for 51st Annual Grand Bell Awards

The nominees are out for the 51st annual Grand Bell Awards, the Korean equivalent of the Academy Awards to honor the industry’s best and brightest films and movie stars for the calendar year. This year the only K-movie I watched from … Continue reading

The Current Crop of Korean Child Actors Grow Up Talented and Thriving

Precocious and preternaturally talented child actors appears to be a dime a dozen in the world of K-dramas, in breadth and depth easily surpassing the other Asian countries and their stable of kid actors. In the modern era of K-dramas … Continue reading

K-stars Out for the VIP Premiere of Hwa Yi with Kim Yun Seok and Yeo Jin Gu

If South Korea follows the Hollywood film release timeline, then Fall is the season when the darker fare comes out. Stuff that screams “awards consideration” over “box office candy”. After the early onslaught of Summer releases with corresponding big VIP … Continue reading

Fresh and Cute Sitcom Potato Star 2013QR3 with Yeo Jin Gu and Ha Yeon Soo Premieres on Monday

Monday sees the premiere of a new sitcom about town, not that most people would care since the Korean sitcoms occupy a lesser plane of consciousness since subtitles are rarely available for it. I’m actually quite intrigued by the upcoming … Continue reading