KBS Sageuk Drama The King’s Affection Premieres to 6.2% Ratings in Episode 1 with full Childhood Portion

This Monday I was so busy I barely had time to stop for a drink of water so I’ll preface this by saying I haven’t had the time to check out the premiere of new KBS Mon-Tues romance sageuk The King’s Affection (Yeonmo). This one crept up on me, I was following all the promos and previews closely but totally slipped that it was premiering today. Feels like October just started but it’s eleven days in already. The first episode got an okay 6.2% ratings but the narrative was solely on the childhood portion, the boy-girl twin royal children and of course the obligatory meet cute between the OTP. I think the drama will need the adults to show up to really gauge the general ratings range but it is competing with the second half of SBS romance fantasy sageuk Lovers of the Red Sky so those two may end up cannibalizing the general youth romance sageuk audience.

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Ro Woon and Park Eun Bin Only Have Eyes for Each Other in New Couple’s Poster for KBS Sageuk The King’s Affection

Man, this drama could be the sanitized version of A Frozen Flower except totally het instead of BL, and that would be fine with me but probably couldn’t air on network television as yet. The way The King’s Affection is … Continue reading

Ro Woon and Park Eun Bin Bring the Height Difference and Slow Burn in First Teaser Poster for KBS Sageuk Drama Affection

This drama is cross-dressing on a life-or-death scale, and I couldn’t be happier. In K-drama cross-dressing stories it’s always the fear of being found out but here the female lead posing as her dead twin brother is cross-dressing as the … Continue reading

Ro Woon and Park Eun Bin’s Romance Sageuk Affection Adds New Cast Members Jung Chae Yeon, Nam Yoon Soo, Byunchan, and Bae Yoon Kyung

This is a very youth visual heavy drama but since it’s adapted from a manhwa I can totally see the push to cast per the shoujo style drawings. The upcoming romance sageuk Affection (Yeonmo) has reportedly started filming with a … Continue reading