YG Founder and CEO Brother Both Leave Company After Months of Scandal with Stars

There’s a huge corporate move in K-ent to end the week as YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk and his current CEO brother Yang Min Suk both announced they are stepping down at the company. Of course they remain major shareholders but neither will hold a management position and be involved with the operation of the entertainment powerhouse going forward. I think this is a very prudent decision what with the agency mired in successive criminal scandals. The most recent being iKON member B.I. being caught buying drugs via leaked text messages and the agency swiftly terminated his contract and kicked him out of the group. Still pending is Seungri‘s scandal with the Burning Sun club, prostitution, money laundering, and distributing sex recordings. To think a few years ago YG’s biggest scandal was 2NE1‘s Park Bom buying prescription drugs mailed from the US. Continue reading