Rainie Yang Dazzles at 2018 Youth Lies Within Concert with Parade of Famous Guests

The comparatively star-less Golden Bell Awards this year reminds me of how many famous Taiwanese actors and actresses from the golden idol drama days of the 2000s are rarely doing television work. One of them is Rainie Yang with her dual actress-singer hat and this year she’s been focused primarily on singing with her successful Asian multi-city concert tour for album Youth Lies Within. She strutted and sang in a multitude of stage outfits grandiose and simple, and on top of looking fabulous she was ringed at various city stops by her good friends as guest performers. There was Cyndi Wang, Rainie’s former group mates reunited in 4 in Love, Yoga Lin, and the sweetest being her former high school classmate, boyfriend, and first love Alien Huang there to support her nearly twenty years later. Continue reading