Yoo Ah In Exempt From Military Service After 5th Physical Examination

I can totally see Yoo An In getting lifelong flack for this and ultimately South Korean netizens have very strong opinions about military service and it’s really beyond me to chime in. The 31 year old actor was planning to enlist this year, the tail end of a South Korean male’s enlistment period but one can’t fault a star for delaying enlistment to get as many projects under his belt as possible while his career is hot. After wrapping tvN drama Chicago Typewriter, Yoo Ah In got a final and 5th physical examination to prepare for enlistment after failing the first four in prior months, and this time was no exception. He has been officially exempt from military service due to complications from osteocarcoma in his shoulder area. I can’t say there are other men who enlist suffering from same or worst physical ailments but if the military exempted him then who am I to offer an armchair medical diagnosis. Continue reading

Star Duo Pictures from the 2017 Baeksang Arts Award Doubles the Cuteness

Couples were not the focal point of the 2017 Baeksangs, whether onscreen pairings or real life couples, the event was mostly devoid of shippable moments for fans. An exception was seeing the Moonlight Drawn by Clouds couple Park Bo Gum … Continue reading

Song Joong Ki and Screenwriter Kim Eun Sook Take the 1-2 Position Atop the K-ent People Power List of 2016

Even topping this poll once is cause for congratulations so this is certainly the cherry on top of K-actor Song Joong Ki‘s crazy year of popularity to rank number 1 in the Power People List of 2016. It’s the 47th … Continue reading

K-actor Hairstyle Preferences: Up with Forehead or Down with Fringe

I don’t think this will end up being some great debate as much as a fun time to share personal visual preferences. While Korean actors are well known for being intensely easy on the eyes, sometimes their styling onscreen and … Continue reading