Yoo Ah In is Ridiculously Handsome in New CF Pictorial for Menswear Brand

I’m having flashbacks to Sungkyunkwan Scandal and this isn’t even a sageuk pictorial. That was the breakout role for Yoo Ah In and probably when I thought he was the most young and handsome, because he’s such an auteur he disappears into whatever role is required which mostly doesn’t do justice to his good looks. This menswear pictorial is totally eye catching despite the simplicity of backdrop and the rather plain clothing, the model elevates it all and goes so with ease. Yoo Ah In had a great summer with his indie zombie outbreak movie #Alive turning lemons into lemonade and doing well at the box office during COVID restrictions. His new movie is coming out this week called Voice of Silence with Yoo Jae Myung so let’s see if he makes it a two-fer in 2020 with his films.

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Hottest Kings, Emperors, and Princes in K-dramas Through 2020

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Kim Soo Hyun and Hyun Bin Top the 2020 Highest Paid Korean Actors in Television

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Song Hye Kyo and Gong Hyo Jin Post on SNS in Support of Good Friend Yoo Ah In’s Upcoming Zombie Thriller Movie #Alive with Park Shin Hye

Awwww, long live friendships in K-ent and I feel like Yoo Ah In has really nestled himself in tight with so many top stars and maintained that friendship through the years. Both Song Hye Kyo and Gong Hyo Jin are … Continue reading