Goblin Cast Welcomes New Year 2017 as Drama Drops Meaty Reveals in Episodes 9 and 10

Week 5 of Goblin aired during the year end holidays but didn’t have a dent on the ratings, with episodes 9 and 10 remaining steady in the 12% range. I remained equally thrilled that the drama is such a hit for male leads Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook after their last misfires in Big and Iron Man, respectively, but having the narrative engage me this completely is the substantive sustenance I need to stay invested even if I’m not feeling the main OTP romance as anything emotional stirring but rather as life affirming.

This week’s episodes 9 and 10 had the leads work quickly through the pickle that the Goblin’s bride pulling out the Goblin’s sword would end his immortal existence, but even better was the drama revealing the backstory of the Grim Reaper and Sunny in confirming they are the King and Queen (and Goblin’s younger sister) from the Goryeo era. It wasn’t surprising but continues to build the stakes and make me want all the knots untangled in the present and everyone to get their happy ending. Even the King is paying the price much like the Goblin for their past wrongs, can’t they just stride into the sunset with backlit musical accompaniment. Continue reading

Goblin’s Premiere Episode Notches 6.3% Ratings on Cable and Breaks Time Slot Record Set by Answer Me 1988

The first volley out of the gate is a resounding hit that has the legs to be a home run. The first episode of cable network tvN‘s Fri-Sat new drama Goblin garnered a 6.322% AGB nationwide ratings, breaking the record … Continue reading

Kim Eun Sook Reveals that She Courted Gong Yoo for 5 Years to Star in Her Drama Before Finally Landing Him for Goblin

It’s been four years since Gong Yoo‘s last drama, the high profile Hong sisters rare flop that was Big. But apparently it’s been five years of repeated wooing from screenwriter Kim Eun Sook to get Gong Yoo to accept her … Continue reading

Four Fantasy-tinged Character Teasers for Goblin Unveil Full Cast of Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Go Eun and Yoo In Na

Whatever screenwriter Kim Eun Sook has in store for her first cable network drama in tvN‘s Goblin (The Lonely Shining Goblin), I’m fully onboard with the dreamy melancholy vibe. It feels otherworldly which is exactly the mood to go for, and … Continue reading

Yoo In Na Gets Switched Out for Puff Guo in C-drama Sequel to Queen In Hyun’s Man Called Shuttle Love Millennium

The likely first confirmed casualty of the Chinese government unofficial crackdown on K-ent in terms of drama and star appearances is Yoo In Na. Except I don’t think she’s terribly hard pressed considering where she landed afterwards. Yoo In Na … Continue reading