Dispatch Snaps Pictures of Yoochun Cozy with Fiance on a Date

Dispatch is either bored or out of K-couples to out because it’s target this week is a star that has already confirmed his dating status. The tabloid caught disgraced idol-actor Yoochun on a date with his fiance, looking chill and casual as can be. I can totally image K-netizens annoyed as heck with his laissez-faire composure and smoking a cigarette while his lady love gives him a hug. I don’t mind what he does and how he haves in private, and if his honey is good with the way he treats her then that’s fine with me. I’m still curious how he plans to ever have a career comeback with a scandal that may not have legal consequences or reveal an actionable criminal transgression, but still entails the public learning too many salacious and rather kinky preferences about him. Continue reading

Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum’s Agency Refutes and Considers Legal Action Against Rumors They Attended Yoochun’s Birthday Party Where First Assault Happened

Talk about a stretch on top of a baseless assumption, but it’s all in the day’s possibility when one is as currently famous as Song Joong Ki is. How his name got tied with the current criminal investigation into Park Yoochun‘s … Continue reading