Goblin Ends with Bittersweet Happy ending and Incredible 18.6% Cable Ratings for Episode 20

Sooooooo…….let’s get this out of the way – I am not a fan of how Kim Eun Sook decided to write the ending to her hit cable drama Goblin. This drama made me cry buckets of tears at various junctures and the entire final episode was awash with salty drops falling from my eyes. It was beautifully rendered and acceptable within the narrative-verse of the fantasy world created, but one major plot point stuck a dagger in me that I wish weren’t so.

But my quibble aside, this was a wonderful heartfelt drama to watch from beginning to end, anchored by Gong Yoo‘s warm and charismatic turn as the titular Goblin Kim Shin. Secondary were Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na‘s Grim Reaper and Sunny, leads in their own story but we merely got to see parts of their lives in this tale. It’s a shame that Kim Go Eun‘s female lead Ji Eun Tak finally transformed into a compelling character in the final episode, convincing me that it was the writing on her role and not her acting that caused the disconnect earlier on. Episode 15 brought in 16.92% ratings while the final episode 16 hit an incredible 18.68%. All my love to the cast and crew for creating this memorable drama from start to finish, it was 95% perfect for me. Continue reading

Goblin’s Premiere Episode Notches 6.3% Ratings on Cable and Breaks Time Slot Record Set by Answer Me 1988

The first volley out of the gate is a resounding hit that has the legs to be a home run. The first episode of cable network tvN‘s Fri-Sat new drama Goblin garnered a 6.322% AGB nationwide ratings, breaking the record … Continue reading

Kim Eun Sook Reveals that She Courted Gong Yoo for 5 Years to Star in Her Drama Before Finally Landing Him for Goblin

It’s been four years since Gong Yoo‘s last drama, the high profile Hong sisters rare flop that was Big. But apparently it’s been five years of repeated wooing from screenwriter Kim Eun Sook to get Gong Yoo to accept her … Continue reading