Yoo Doo Joon Gets Early Promotion to Corporal Due to Exemplary Performance in the Army

The Be Like Taecyeon model behavior in the army has it’s first successor. Actor-idol Yoon Doo Joon has been serving his military enlistment in army active duty since August 2018 when he was rather abruptly hauled off even before his drama shooting for Let’s Eat 3 wrapped. He’s been quietly and dutifully doing his civic duty and apparently quite well because this week the army announced that he was being promoted to corporal and in a time frame much earlier than usual because of exemplary performance. If this was Descendants of the Sun I would assume he was sent on a secretly mission to North Korean and maybe shot down an enemy plane. More likely he just got up every day on time, did everything asked of his earnestly and worked hard, and all that is just part of his can-do attitude often seen on stage and in drama filming during his entertainment career. Congrats to Doo Joon and keep up the good work! Continue reading

Radio Romance with Yoon Doo Joon and Kim So Hyun Finishes Casting and Scheduled for Jan 2018 Mon-Tues on KBS

Currently airing KBS drama Jugglers has deftly maneuvered it’s way to the ratings lead, by a small margin, but the Mon-Tues time slot is still mostly the doldrums in generating any buzz over the three airing prime time dramas. I’m … Continue reading

IRIS 2 Releases Official Posters, Stills, and Teaser Ahead of Mid-February Premiere

The main three Korean networks continue their attempt to seep every last ounce of goodwill I have for them since there isn’t currently a single K-drama on MBC, SBS, or KBS that I wholeheartedly love. The second half downward spiral … Continue reading