Shy Yeon Woo Jin and Sparkly Park Hye Soo Charm in New Teasers for Introverted Boss

I’m getting major déjà vu vibes from the previews for Introverted Boss (Sensitive Boss), the upcoming workplace comedy drama on tvN airing on Mon-Tues after Rude Miss Young Ae season 15. It reminds me so much of the mood and feels from both Another Oh Hae Young and Marriage Not Dating, and it’s not just because there are so many familiar faces from both dramas in this one and that it airs on the same network. It is mostly because the same PD who directed Oh Hae Young and Marriage is back at the helm for Introverted Boss and PD Song really has a charming way of making awkwardness both can’t look away cringeworthy and rather sweet. Yeon Woo Jin is so perfectly on point as the titular Introverted Boss, I can’t wait to watch his personality blossom and open up under the onslaught by cutie pie Park Hye Soo as his office subordinate. She looks like a mash up of Moon Geun Young and Park Bo Young which is like double a good thing. Introverted Boss premieres January 16th so check out the latest previews below. Continue reading

The Leads of Please Come Back Ahjusshi Dive Into Filming After Script Reading and Prayer Ceremony

On paper this drama looks like a stellar arrangement from the leads to the supporting cast, made all the more pressing since there are quite a bit of unknowns on the line. Male lead Rain is making his first television … Continue reading

Rain and Oh Yeon Seo Headline Please Come Back Ahjusshi Without the Usual Loveline

I’m way more interested in upcoming SBS drama Please Come Back Ahjusshi (Please Come Back, Mister) now that the actual character backgrounds have been revealed. It’s starting to sound even more like a 49 Days redux, with dual leads and love … Continue reading

Rain’s Upcoming SBS Drama Finalizes Casting with Oh Yeon Seo, Lee Min Jung, and Kim Soo Ro

I’m so relieved and optimistic about Rain‘s upcoming drama, despite the a bit of casting go-around and plenty of drama name changes. The drama is now called Please Come Back, Ahjussi, after starting off with Goodbye My Beloved One and … Continue reading