Joo Sang Wook, Jin Se Yeon and Yoon Si Yoon Confirmed for Chosun TV 2018 Sageuk Romance Grand Prince

It’s funny but the moment I saw the cast, genre, and synopsis it was like a deja vu moment. Cable network Chosun TV has announced a sageuk romance drama for early 2018 called Grand Prince (Daegun which is more accurately crown prince) and has cast Joo Sang Wook, Yoon Si Yoon, and Jin Se Yeon. It’s a love triangle between the female lead and two princely brothers who then vy for the throne to be with her. This sounds just like this year’s Seven Day Queen with Lee Dong Gun, Park Min Young, and Yeon Woo Jin, and even funnier is that Lee Dong Gun did that drama while his wife Jo Yoon Hee was pregnant and now Joo Sang Wook is doing Grand Prince as his wife Cha Ye Ryun is expecting their first child. All three in this cast has done sageuks before, Joo Sang Wook early on in his career in Queen Seondeok, Jin Se Yeon with Prison Flower and The Duo, and Yoon Si Yoon in the fantasy sageuk Mirror of the Witch. Continue reading

Yoon Si Yoon and Kim Min Jae Enter the Idol Life in First Script Reading for KBS Drama The Big Hit

Judging from the wide smiles at the table read for upcoming KBS variety drama The Big Hit, this is clearly a story that entertains the talented cast assembled to bring it to life. Nearly two years after the different and ambitious … Continue reading

Major Moody Intensity in Store for Supernatural Sageuk Mirror of the Witch

Seeing more of the teasers and behind-the-scenes look at upcoming jTBC fantasy-tinged sageuk Mirror of the Witch slowly eases me into anticipation. The real life major age gap between back from the army Yoon Si Yoon and teenage Kim Sae … Continue reading

Posters and New Stills Hint at the Romance Between Yoon Si Yoon and Kim Sae Ron in Mirror of the Witch

I may find upcoming cable network jTBC supernatural tinged sageuk Mirror of the Witch pretty as a picture in all the promos, but it’s still a tad nerve wracking to anticipate it knowing the big age gap between the leads … Continue reading

Dreamy Character Posters for Mirror of the Witch Set the Mood for an Otherworldly Tale

Fantasy tinged sageuk drama Mirror of the Witch (Witch Exemplar) is certainly setting the right visual tone with the first set of character posters. The layout isn’t innovative but the color tones and expressiveness of each actor brings the mood … Continue reading