J-movie Your Name Becomes Insane Runaway Hit in Japan and Asia Box Offices

A phenomenon has been sweeping Japan and now the rest of Asia since the summer, one that is poised to set new records and break old ones. All of Japan has been enamored of anime movie Your Name since its premiere three months ago in late August 2016. In just three months the movie has become the highest grossing movie in Japan for 2016, currently standing at $175 million US dollars, with the second highest grossing movie of the year being the new Godzilla remake coming in at way less than half at $75 million US dollars.

In three months Your Name has blown away the box office competition by multiples, and also rocketed up the highest grossing movie in Japan of all time chart – it’s already surpassed two Hayao Miyazaki anime movies Howl’s Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke. Japan’s all time number 1 movie is far and away Miyazaki’s Spirited Away at $289 million dollars so that record may still stand but for Your Name to become the second highest grossing anime movie of all time over the other Miyazaki movies is quite a feat. Your Name is currently number 5 on the all time list and will definitely surpass the first Harry Potter movie at 4, and may even pass Frozen at number 3, with number 2 being Titanic. Continue reading