Yumi’s Cells Challenges Yumi to New Behaviors and Revives Old Dreams in Episodes 9-10 as the Relationship with Woong Balances Between Sweet and Precarious

When I watch Yumi’s Cells I enjoy nearly all of it, but when there are no new episodes I’m not anxiously waiting. I guess it mirrors Yumi’s overall mentality, she puts her all into her life (work, love) but with the things not there she’s not fretting about it. Episodes 9-10 were this past weekend and it wasn’t the relationship imploding bomb with Woong I feared it might be. The two got stronger after dispatching passive-aggressive Sae Yi and Yumi actually flexed new romance muscles in what is best described as a Kim Go Eun acting performance perfection as she attempted to learn various forms of aegyo. I cringed, laughed, and was so impressed with Kim Go Eun, this role absolutely puts her back on my good list after two acting/chemistry misfires with Goblin and The King: Eternal Monarch. These two episodes cement that the story is about Yumi, her thoughts, feelings, dreams, insecurities, and convictions. The men are there to complement but the romance no longer feels like it’s an end goal (for me as the viewer), and I still like Woong when he’s being caring and considerate and new dude Babi for being so thoughtfully supportive and encouraging to Yumi (even if he has ulterior romantic motives). I loved seeing the new cells – writer cell, endorphin cell, etc. – and learning that cells grow big when that motivation becomes important to Yumi at a given time. There’s only 4 more episodes until the end and the drama was slated to have a second season and I hope it does despite the mid 2% ratings.

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K-netizens Enjoying the Arrival of Jinyoung as the Second Boyfriend Babi in Yumi’s Cells and Look Forward to the Casting of the Right Actor for the Third Boyfriend/Husband Character of Soonrok

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Yumi’s Cells Smooths Out in Episodes 3-4 as the Kind and Considerate Budding Romance Elicits Smiles From the Viewers and Cells Alike

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Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Hyun are as Animated as Their Emotion Avatars in New Character Posters for tvN Drama Yumi’s Cells

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tvN Releases Two Official Posters for Yumi’s Cells with Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Hyun and Confirms Premiere Date of September 17th

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Kim Go Eun Does Her Best Impression in First Poster for tvN Drama Adaptation of Yumi’s Cells, Drama Also Adds Jinyoung as Another Male Lead Bobby

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