DBSK’s Yunho Splits His Pants Performing Too Hard at SM Town Concert and Fans Go Wild

I can only say this was the perfect confluence of events to generate priceless coverage for Yunho‘s return to the music world after two years away in military service. This weekend was the annual SM Town concert in Seoul where the behemoth music agency holds a performance featuring its own stable of top idol groups and stars. In attendance solo was one half of DBSK with Yunho holding down the fort as Changmin is still serving in the military. Apparently Yunho’s performance was quite the crowd pleaser for how hard he rocked out, and that is totally easy to believe judging from him making all the news headlines afterwards for suffering a wardrobe malfunction onstage.

Yunho’s pants split open right at the crotch, showing off his red boxer briefs underneath and yet he gamely performed on. This malfunction has all the hallmarks of a perfect buzz story – Yunho split his pants because he was dancing so hard, which SK netizens love to hear a star giving his all, and the pants split was right at the crotch which is both titillating without showing anything inappropriate since it was still underwear underneath, and finally fits into the long running narrative that Yunho is the most well endowed SK idol out there lol. Good job m’boy, you deserve all the meme worthy coverage this weekend. Continue reading

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Records of a Night Watchman’s Cute Cast Goofs Around the Set as the Drama is Off to a Decent Start

This might be the weakest Mon-Tues line up in recent memory with all three dramas neither getting any buzz nor ratings. Temptation is actually intriguing without being tawdry but the subject matter isn’t for everybody while Lovers of Music (Trot … Continue reading

Records of a Night Watchman Holds Classy Press Conference and Release Spoilery Long Trailer

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Second Young and Pretty Teaser for Records of a Night Watchman Along with Darker Drama Posters

Records of a Night Watchman is still giving me a split opinion headache, but luckily my expectations are so low it’s not going to be upsetting if the end product skews towards unwatchable rather than unexpectedly fun. The official drama … Continue reading

MBC Releases Action-packed First Teaser for Records of a Night Watchman

It’s finally time to pull back and the curtains and see what Records of a Night Watchman has to offer. The first teaser preview is out and it’s definitely worth checking out. It looks less sageuk and more historical fantasy. … Continue reading