Bad Hair and Suits Mar the Usual Handsome Male Leads at Tod’s Event in Seoul

The tagline for the Tod’s event in Seoul this week was “No_Code” but it may as well be “No_Style”. I dunno what’s gotten into the male stars in attendance but imma give them all a hard pass when I laid eyes on the lot. There was so much fugly hair on heads and plenty of equally fugly suits whether in color or cut. And then half of then had on so much too pale BB cream it was like a gathering of Korean Twilight characters. It’s been a relatively slow few weeks in K-ent news but these normally handsome fellers could have gone even uglier to warrant a snarkier smackdown from me but alas all they get is a major meh. Continue reading

Eric Comes Out on Top of Korean TV Critic Assessment of Recent Idol Acting Performances

This is a worth reading commentary from a veteran Korean television critic on the recent batch of idols acting in K-dramas. Published in entertainment news MBN, the critic rated the performances from the August-September dramas where veteran to newbie idol-actors … Continue reading

Records of a Night Watchman’s Cute Cast Goofs Around the Set as the Drama is Off to a Decent Start

This might be the weakest Mon-Tues line up in recent memory with all three dramas neither getting any buzz nor ratings. Temptation is actually intriguing without being tawdry but the subject matter isn’t for everybody while Lovers of Music (Trot … Continue reading

Records of a Night Watchman Holds Classy Press Conference and Release Spoilery Long Trailer

It’s August so time for a ghostly K-drama to arrive much as one always does every August during the traditional ghost month of the Asian lunar calendar. Last year there was the double serving of The Master’s Sun and Who … Continue reading

Second Young and Pretty Teaser for Records of a Night Watchman Along with Darker Drama Posters

Records of a Night Watchman is still giving me a split opinion headache, but luckily my expectations are so low it’s not going to be upsetting if the end product skews towards unwatchable rather than unexpectedly fun. The official drama … Continue reading