Bazaar China Transforms C-actress Zhang Tian Ai into Modernized Tang Dynasty Beauty

Magazine fashion pictorials are almost always taking a famous person and just posing them with the occasional location shoot throwing in famous backdrops. Bazaar China just dropped a jaw-dropping photoshoot with C-actress Zhang Tian Ai that counts are the exception to the norm, delivering a uniquely styled shoot transforming her into a modern take on the Tang Dynasty beauty. Zhang Tian Ai is best known to me for the silly entertaining time-travel drama Go Princess Go where she played the soul of a modern playboy transported back to historical China in the body of a princess. Here the photographer uses her as the canvas to create the exotic and evocative imagery with bold colors of red, black, and white against a snowy backdrop. Continue reading

Crystal Liu Leads Off Actress Contingent at Red Carpet at the 2017 Beijing International Film Festival

This past weekend was the kick off red carpet of the 2017 Beijing International Film Festival, only in its 7th year since starting in 2011 and with plenty of catch up needed to rival the biggest Asian film festival granddaddy … Continue reading