Crystal Liu Leads Off Actress Contingent at Red Carpet at the 2017 Beijing International Film Festival

This past weekend was the kick off red carpet of the 2017 Beijing International Film Festival, only in its 7th year since starting in 2011 and with plenty of catch up needed to rival the biggest Asian film festival granddaddy the Busan International Film Festival going on strong since 1996. Aside from the whole government approval thing, there is no reason Chinese film cannot one day rival Korean movies for pushing the envelope and reaching new cinematic heights, but for now the domestic film industry isn’t trying to be too innovative other than spending more and more money to churn out big budget holiday movies. There are plenty of beautiful C-actresses like Fan Bing Bing and Jing Tian who may be poised to cross-over into Hollywood if not already into Korean cinema, among them Crystal Liu who is fluent in English. She stole the red carpet at the premiere with an exquisite mauve beaded gown and make it work even with a messy updo. Continue reading