Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi Do Married Cuteness for Bazaar Jewelry Spread on Chinese Valentine

The lunar new year day of 7-7, the seventh day of the seventh month, is of course Chinese Valentine’s Day so there will be plenty of romantic promotions out there. Married Chinese stars Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi have always been low key but for this 7-7 the two were photographed by Bazaar Jewelry showcasing their total husband-wife vibe. It’s more than just looking alike, their whole aura just exudes one-ness and that’s a testament to a couple that sorta came out of nowhere a few years ago when they started dating into getting married. Yuan Hong tends to have simmering chemistry with all his onscreen costars so plenty have shipped him before in real life with prior actresses but he’s punky coolness vibes so well with Zhang Xinyi it’s wonderful to know they have found each other. And continue to rock on in their romance even with baby boy in tow. Continue reading