First Drama Stills for Period C-drama Zhao Ge Unveil Artistically Framed Colorful Visuals

I may find Chinese drama producer Yu Zheng a giant turd of a personality and his dramas all fluff with no substance, lately he’s been producing extremely pretty fluff even beyond his usual level. The first stills are out for his upcoming drama Zhao Ge, which is the name of the capital of the Shang dynasty, starring Zhang Zhe Han who worked with Yu Zheng in Demon Girl and this time paired with Wu Jia Yi. The drama has been filming in the remote Chinese province of Xinjiang and the stills capture the beauty of the location along with colors that run the entire spectrum of eye candy. The white against the grey sky and blue waters, the red in the forest of orange, the peasant girl hidden in the trunk of a giant curling tree, the drama stills are simply gorgeous and worth checking out. Continue reading