Han Dynasty C-drama Love Like the Galaxy with Wu Lei and Zhao Lu Si is on Track to Be My Favorite Drama of 2022

It takes a village to raise a child so the saying goes, and similarly it takes an fully well-written story to deliver a true drama powerhouse. I’ve enjoyed and even loved dramas on the strength of the OTP alone but that rush of feeling evaporates after the drama is done, like consuming cotton candy. The dramas that stick with me like the sinew to the bone are ones that not only have an amazing OTP but also a gripping cohesive story with a fleshed out supporting cast of interesting characters and stories. Those dramas are few and far between, which makes it all the more special when one shows up. That unicorn has shown up again in the form of 2022 summer C-drama Love Like the Galaxy adapted from a novel. The Chinese title for the drama which is split into two parts is Part 1 星汉灿烂 (Xing Han Can Lan which means The Stars are Brilliant) and Part 2 月升沧海 (Yue Sheng Cang Hai which means The Moon Rises Over the Ocean).

The drama stars close aged leads Wu Lei who is 22 in real life and plays 21 year old ruthlessly efficient on the outside with a marshmallow core just for his bae inside General Ling Bu Yi (also called Ling Zi Sheng) with 23 years old Zhao Lu Si as the 15 year old mentally intelligent but uneducated socially sideways daughter of a lowly general Cheng Shao Shang (also called Niu Niu). I never knew this type of emotionally f*cked up alpha general with equally emotionally f*cked up weird science girl would hit all my I NEED THESE TWO INJECTED INTO MY VEINS level want and then also get an entire complex, nuanced, fascinating world constructed with interesting good and bad guys feels like icing on the cake. The drama has aired up to 42 episodes to date (out of 57 total) so join now and finish out the next three weeks on this amazing ride.

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