Trailer and Stills Released for Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

As an Asian-American growing up in the 80s and 90s, the most famous name in Asian-American chick/family lit was Amy Tan. I’ve read all her works up until the most recent novel. My appreciation for her early storytelling talent and her expansion of the genre outside of its niche will always remain, even if as a writer I find that she’s stuck in a quagmire of the same stories told in different ways.

Lisa See is widely considered the next generation phenom in this genre, and her 2005 Snow Flower and the Secret Fan is a bestselling novel that has just been made into a Hollywood movie, starring Li Bing Bing, Jeon Ji Hyun, and Hugh Jackman. I need to find time to read the novel now, because I really like the trailer and am intrigued by the story.

Click here for a synopsis of the novel from Wikipedia, and the movie version apparently deviates from the novel in that it has a modern day portion which depicts the friendship of the descendents of the two protagonists, Snow Flower and Lily.

Li Bing Bing is a brilliant actress who doesn’t disappoint from what I’ve seen in the trailers. But its Jeon Ji Hyun that really impresses me – her de-glamorized self playing a peasant wife, her rebellious sultry modern incarnation, and the fact that she’s really speaking her own Mandarin Chinese and English lines.

After watching the trailer, I’m already teary-eyed, and I know I’ll need to come equipped with a box of tissues to watch this baby.

Trailer for Snow Flower and the Secret Fan:



Trailer and Stills Released for Snow Flower and the Secret Fan — 20 Comments

  1. Alright. I’ve never read anything from this author so I clearly fail so much. I need to fix this asap.

    Second, HOMG, that looks gorgeous and I’m sure I’m going to tear up as well. *starts stocking up on tissues*

    Third, ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh Hugh Jackman is in it? ♥________♥ I didn’t know!!!!

    • Lady, I’m first on the FAIL train, since I knew about Lisa See and SFatSF yet I still failed to read it.

      Anyhoo, I think the last few Amy Tan novels got progressively worse so I mentally checked out of this genre for awhile. But this novel has gotten some rave reviews, and I’m for sure reading it ASAP.

      The trailer was pretty awesome, wasn’t it? Too bad no glimpse of Hugh Jackman. I second you on the *________* He makes me all dazed and confused.

      • I put SFatSF in my wishlist already and I’ll place the order tomorrow? Anyway, soon. If I like it, I’ll check her earlier novels. Thanks for the heads-up.

        I checked on imdb and apparently he’s only in a few scenes? Maybe only one? No wonder he wasn’t in the trailer. Oh well, I was intrigued by the movie even w/t the added benefit of Hugh. *g*

        And omg, JJH! Her English and Chinese made me swoon. I’m so easy with my girl crushes. *g*

    • Ditto everything. Darn it! Spring break just ended and I have soso many papers to write and a ton of research to do for them…when will I have time to read this??? Argh!

    • Oh my Gosh I am a Hugh Jackman Fan!!!! And I loved the Joyluck Club by Amy Tan ooohhh will be anticipating this movie ahihihi :-p

  2. Wow, this movie finally go made! It was at first linked to Zhang Zhiyi but she backed out later.

    I love Hugh Jackman. Li Bing Bing looks beautiful but I could not recognize Jeon Jo Hyun!

    (btw, it’s Li Bing Bing and not Fan Bing Bing)

  3. So is Jeon Ji Hyeon’s Mandarin actually decent? Her English is ok, not great. Sounds like an ESL student’s English.

  4. You should also check out the book “Peony in Love” by Lisa Lee! It’s just as good a read as SFatSF, though I’m more partial to PiL b/c it has that Chinese Ghost Story, Liao Zhai, feel to it.

    Anyway, this movie is definitely on my list of MUST SEE movies.

  5. oh I loved this book and the last time I read it was like 5 years ago!!! Actually, its probably one of my favorite novels and i would recommend books by Lisa See, they’re pretty good. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan was quite a page flipper for me and I got quite emotional towards the end. lol I guess that’s how good I thought the book was. 😀 I just hope the film doesn’t disappoint.

  6. I got goosebumps just watching the trailer!!! Will definitely look forward to watching this movie…especially loved the “sisterhood” theme & I agree Jeon Ji Hyun’s de-glamorized image just made me more curious to see her transform into an actress of worth!!

  7. Many of you should read the book! It’s absolutely wonderful! Although it is quite sad at some points (I cried), it was well worth the read. 🙂 The movie looks interesting…Hopefully, it’s as good as the book. I’m sure it has potential!

  8. Good Evening ockoala,

    Thank you for this article! 🙂 I’m going to invite to my friends to watch this movie.

    I noticed the Youtube link to the Trailer is missing. By chance, can it be recovered? I would like to send the URL of this article to my friends so they can read your preview and see the Trailer too. Also I noticed the counter for the Responses has been reset to 0, even though there are responses to this article. Just want to bring it to your attention. Thanks in advance!

  9. I’ve only ever read the joy luck club and then I watched the movie which made me fall in love with the story even more. Lol, I just loved it. So, I know I’ll like this movie….hopefully it has a better ending than the joy luck club movie though. Not that the movie ending wasn’t good, its just that it didnt feel solid enough for me.

  10. I just finished the book (i didnt realize it was 3 am when I was done) last night and now I can’t wait for the movie! The trailer does not disappoint.

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